Solo Rugged Jake Jerks Off
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Watch As This Hot Horny Stud Jake Jurgen Self Pleasures Himself Right Before Your Eyes.

The scene opens with the director greeting Jake Jurgen who is sitting in a sparse room wearing a black button up shirt. Jake is a 22-year-old who lives in Denver, Colorado. He mentions that the weather in Denver is pleasant during the summer, though it generally tends to be freezing cold. Jake is currently studying auto mechanics and welding, which shows his interest in technical and hands on skills. In terms of music, Jake enjoys rap, hip hop, and R&B. His primary hobby is playing professional paintball, a sport that is mainly played outdoors. He loves the thrill of paintball, as it not only raises his heart rate but also allows him to enjoy the wilderness. Sexually Jake identifies as straight. Overall Jake says the wildest sexual encounter he has ever had was while on the job fucking a flight attendant during a landed plane cleanup. Jake got into porn by dating a porn star and finding a reference. His favorite thing about sex is making people feel good.

Next Jake strips out of his clothes. First he takes off his tee shirt. Jake's favorite part of his body is his toned abs. He is sporting a tank top farmers tan on his skin. His blue jeans slowly slide down his legs. Jake touches his manhood through the blue boxer shorts. His hardening cock springs forth from his underwear. Jake fondles himself after getting a squirt of lube. Stroking himself with his own slick hand he works himself into a sexual frenzy. During this solo masturbation session Jake pleasures himself with ease. His big cock is on full display for the camera. He yanks and tugs on the throbbing dong with a firm grasp. The sound of wet flesh rubbing fills the space.

Straight guy Jake enjoys a solo wank for the viewers. His thick dick flexes for the camera while slathered in slippery lubricant. Back and forth he jacks off his hard cock. After a few moments he sits down on the floor to show off his tight butt. The camera zooms in on the anal entrance. Jake moans out wil masturbating furiously. His face contorts with pleasure and his balls bounce with each stroke. Jake stands above the camera and shows off his self pleasuring skills. Soon the intensity builds and he approaches climax. With one final tug his big dick launches a blast of sticky white cum all over his own abs and the surrounding area. He gasps in pure pleasure while reaching an explosive finish. The scene comes to an end with Jake sexually satisfied.