Naughty College Boys Bang Hardcore
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Enjoy an Absolute Anal Adventure When Nude Dudes Patrick Bateman and Luke Stevens Take a Ride on the Wild Side.

The scene starts with Patrick and Luck sitting on the sofa chatting. Patrick is wearing a green tee shirt and black underwear. Meanwhile Luke has on a dark tank top and white boxer briefs. They share a flirtatious banter and suddenly strip off their shirts to make out. After kissing intensely, Luke sucks and plays with Patrick's nipple. He gets fondled and their arousal level increases. Next Patrick stimulates Luke's nipples with his supple tongue while fondling the boy's crotch. After a few moments of playful touching Luke puts his hand into Patrick's underwear. Excitedly Patrick removes his underwear to reveal a hardening cock which Luke immediately begins sucking on. Their heartbeats race while the oral sex session continues.

Luke expertly gives handsome Patrick a blow job. Heavy breathing and moans of pleasure echo around the room. After a few moments Patrick wants a turn at giving oral, so he bends a knee and helps Luke get lucky. His big dick enters the wet mouth while Patrick rhythmically bobs his head up and down. Luke enjoys the sensations of the other man servicing his cock. The camera pans to Patrick's strong feet and full muscular body. Patrick insists on checking out Luke's bare ass. Promptly he starts to finger probe the tight man buns. His as is so tight it clenches onto Patrick's finger. Patrick equips a condom and slathers some lube on to prepare for entry.

With one swift motion Patrick slides his thick dick inside Luke's ass. Thrusting forward the muscular top pumps his ram rod into the boy hole. The camera captures the fierce fucking between the two studs. They bang it out on the couch, then move on to the table with Luke's legs spread wide. Patrick shoves his shaft into the anal entrance repeatedly. Groans and moans fill the space while the sounds of pulverized skin reverberate. Luke starts touching himself while getting railed. Stroking his cock while getting fucked feels amazing and its causing him to reach climax. He blasts sticky white cum all over his own abs, glazing his navel next to the star tattoo. Patrick does not stop working the hole until he is about to cum. Stepping over to Luke's chest, Patrick launches his load across the boy's torso and nipples. The scene comes to a close with both dudes sexually released.