Brad, Caden And Kurt Give Oral & Fu
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The three teen boys are completely naked, one sitting on top the couchback, another sucking his dick, while his cock is being eaten by the third. This string of oral pleasure and young bodies fills the scene. "Suck that fucking cock," he moans while he watches his member slide in and out of his throat.

At the top of the food chain, he takes charge, using his large hands to palm the back of both their heads, making sure the cocks are completely enveloped by their mouths. He grabs his head to persuade it onto his cock one more time. And then again before repositioning on the couch so that he can get a taste of what the other two are experiencing.

He sucks cock and then kisses him, only to return to his cock again with more hunger. All the while being sucked off by the beautiful man on his knees. Soon, both are on their knees at the base of the couch, showering him with attention while his huge cock finds its way into each of their lips.

While they play with his dick, he plays with thier ass, slicking a finger into the hole as he plays with himself and sucks him. The ass cheeks are spread when he kneels to eat him completely. The boys play around, each with a moment to take the stage. Until the coffee table gets a re-dressing. Covered in a towel, it holds the weight of the teen as he spreads his legs and his ass welcomes such a huge cock into it. He rubs himself, with cock in his ass, and another cock above his face.

He moans, responding that he loves feeling filled up by huge dick. Soon he can't talk with another cock shoved down his throat. "Fuck me," he begs as the young stud mounts him from behind. He announces his finale when he spills the wet cream onto the black leather for what seems like minutes.

The aroma of sex in the room brings the others to their finales as well, one cumming on his ass and the other at his face. The trio concluding in gentle kisses after a well-enjoyed workout.