Drew And Kurt Have Heavy Foreplay
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Not sure he is going to be able to take a big cock, Kurt eases into sexy time by removing his shirt and making out with Drew. The straight boys are good at teasing each other's nipples with their tongues, and sliding her fingers all over each other's bodies. Eager to escalate the sexual tension, Drew unbuttons Kurt's pants to free his huge log from its confines. Drew sucks it, making it stiffer with each bob of his head.

Shoving Kurt's entire cock into his mouth, Drew calms his friend's nerves with the familiarly soothing sensation of sucking on something. His balls hang low before he reverses course and gets Kurt to sit above his crotch. Slowly, the nervous bottom slides his body onto Kurt, his rod sliding inside of him with relative ease.

Before long, Drew is fucking his companion hard, fast, and making sure he enjoys the new feeling of being stuffed full of young cock. Kurt plays with his own dick while Drew fucks him, making sure he can bring himself to the brink when he needs to.

Getting to his hands and knees, Kurt bends forward for Drew to take his ass, without hesitation. He mounts him like an animal and pounds him over and over again until the sweet ass can barely take any more. For a moment, Kurt pushes Drew away, unable to take such a huge cock for so long.

But he's a professional, and being Gay for Pay only pays if he is willing to take the huge dong up his ass a little more. Satisfying himself with a distraction of his own hands on his dick, Kurt continues to let Drew slide in and out of him, even as his muscles tighten and his ass clenches.

Finally, Kurt gets to feel the sweet release of satisfaction when Drew is completely and deeply inside of him. He blows his load onto his stomach, in spite of himself. With empty balls, the boys give another final kiss and Drew shows his appreciation for having such a willing ass to fuck.