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Troy Taylor Fucks Talen Matthews Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Talen Matthews
Troy Taylor

Troy and Talen are both hot and horny studs lookin’ to fuck, but as much as they can’t wait to bust a nut, they take their sweet time with each other, making sure to get a good taste of one another.  Judging by the way that Troy’s running his tongue all over Talen, I’d say these two are off to one hell of a start!  Troy gets a little naughty, biting and licking his way down to Talen’s massive dick, getting it sloppy wet as he shoves it down his throat. 

These two must have a craving for cock, they just can’t seem to get enough of that throbbing dick in their greedy mouths!  But as much as they’d love to suck each other dry, they've got more in store than just oral...Talen’s asshole is begging to be fucked and Troy’s cock is ready for some penetration!  These two waste no time as Talen gets on top and rides Troy’s mammoth meat, taking that cock like a pro as his tight little ass stretches to accommodate Troy’s cock. 

Troy wants it deeper, though, and gets Talen on all fours so that he can really fill him up and fuck him hard, ramming his dick in so hard and far that it makes Talen’s ass bounce.  Oh but these two aren’t through yet as Talen climbs on top once again and takes that cock, bottoming for Troy until Troy can’t stand it anymore and shoots his load all over himself.  Talen plays with Troy’s cum a little until he’s ready to get off himself, and once he does these two are spent from that very intense, very hot fuck!

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