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Sam Northman Fucks Alex Maxim Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Sam Northman
Alex Maxim

If you like muscle, you’re going to love Alex!  This guy is well-built, hard and bulging…and so is his cock!  Pair this muscle man with drop-dead gorgeous Sam, and you’ve got yourself a delicious combination!  As if seeing these two boys’ hot bodies pressed against one another, dicks touching, isn’t enough to get your blood flowing, wait until they get to sucking and fucking! 

Sam gets on his knees to swallow Alex’s big cock, running his tongue along his throbbing shaft before Alex returns the favor, getting Sam’s meat way back in his throat.  Alex’s cock-sucking got Sam even more horny and he just had to get a taste of that ass, he does a bit of rimming, and some fingering for good measure, before all that ass-play has his cock throbbing for release!  And Sam, being the horny dude that he is, obeys his dick and sticks it in Alex’s perfect ass and fucks him hard and deep. 

Doggy style, side-by-side, Alex is willing to bottom for Sam whatever way he can, as long as Sam’s member stays buried inside of his tight ass!  But the harder Sam fucks him, the more Alex begs, and once Sam hits Alex’s sweet spot, he cums all over.  The sight of all that white-hot jiz makes Sam shoot his own load, moaning as he erupts all over Alex!

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