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Brody Hamilton Tops Sam Northman Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Sam Northman
Brody Hamilton

Brody is definitely into Sam...but then again, who isn’t??  Sam’s got those classic good looks and that charming smile, not to mention his nice big cock!  And it’s that delicious cock that Brody goes for once the clothes come off, sucking on it and getting it soaking wet as Sam watches him from above.  

Another good thing about Sam...he’s a generous lover and returns the pleasure by deepthroating Brody’s massive dick, shoving it all the way down his throat and licking his balls as Brody face-fucks him.  But that’s just the beginning...if you think these two are passionate about sucking cock, just wait until you see them fuck! 

Brody tops Sam and fucks him hard, making Sam moan as he shoves his impressive dick all the way up Sam’s ass!  Sam takes that cock like a champ and bottoms for Brody in whatever way he wants him to until they both bust a nut onto Sam’s tan stomach! 

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