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Josh O Brian And Tristan Stiles Flip Fuck Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Josh O'brian
Tristan Stiles

It turns out that Josh has taken a liking to being fucked and sucked by dudes, so we’re welcoming him to College Dudes by pairing him with the hot and horny Tristan...and the result is definitely something to behold!  These two go at each other with some crazy energy and enthusiasm and they just can’t seem to get enough! 

Josh gets on his knees to please Tristan, choking on his cock and sucking his balls as Tristan watches him go down on him, pulling him off his cock to make out before shoving his dick back down his throat!  Tristan is eager to get inside Josh’s ass and he slams him on the bed before sliding his dick inside, slow at first to give Josh a chance to get used to his size, and then fucking him hard and fast before Josh wants a turn and they flip, Tristan bottoming for Josh as he pounds him so hard his perfect little ass bounces with each thrust. 

After awhile of doggy-style, Tristan gets on his back and lets Josh take him that way, getting his big throbbing dick in real deep as he slams into Tristan.  They can’t take the pleasure much longer and Tristan shoots his load all over himself and Josh follows suit!  Damn, these boys know how to fuck!

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