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Asher Hawk Fucks Sam Northman Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Asher Hawk
Sam Northman

Sam and Asher are always ready to fuck, and today is no exception!  These boys get started with some kissing, making out as they undress and crawl onto the bed.  Asher gets Sam’s cock in his mouth first, blowing that stud as Sam moans.  Asher’s next, getting some oral from Sam as he deepthroats his dick, licking up and down his long shaft as he goes balls deep over and over again. 

Once Sam’s hard work has paid off and Asher’s dick is good and hard, he climbs on top of him and sits right on that prick, slow at first until it’s all the way in and then bouncing up and down.  Asher’s getting off on the feeling Sam’s tight ass around his cock, and he wants to get a little deeper so he bends Sam over and fucks him while he’s down on all fours! 

Asher pumps Sam’s ass full of his hard dick, pulling in and out fast and hard while Sam’s perfect butt bounces with every thrust.  Once Sam flips on his back, Asher buries his cock inside and fills Sam’s ass up until he makes him explode all over.  Asher pulls out and uses some of Sam’s hot cum to jerk himself off as he shoots his load and gives Sam a facial in the process!

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